[Wallpapers] Spéciale E3 2017

Skulls & Bones

Dishonored 2 : Death of the Outsider

God of War

Assassin’s Creed Origins


Beyond Good & Evil 2

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

State of Decay 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Ori & The Will of the Wisps

Metro Exodus

Metroid Samus Returns

Breath of the Wild

The Evil Within 2

The Last Night

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Résultats sondage fournée du 14.05.2017

Faith – Earth (8 votes)

Zelda : Limbo to the wild, Final Destination (6 votes chacun)
Volcan & Méteore, Totem, In the event of sinking (5 votes chacun)
Neptune, Glow City (4 votes chacun)
Bastion and Ganymede (3 votes)
Trinity – Starpoint Gemini 2, Toxicity ring, Swamp Lilies, Sonic Forces, Earth Colossus, Breathe Again, BTTF 4 : Beyond space and time (2 votes chacun)
You little punk, Skylines (1 vote)
Scars of Old Avarice, Les Gardiens de la Galaxie 2 (0 vote chacun)

Total : 62 votes

[Wallpapers] fournée du 14.05.2017

Zelda : Limbo to the wild by StudioTamago

Sonic Forces

Final Destination by Orioto

Bastion and Ganymede by AyyaSAP

You little punk by cyberaeon

Les Gardiens de la Galaxie 2

Totem by TavenerScholar

Back to the Future 4 : Beyond space and time by Tohad

Neptune by TobiasRoetsch

Scars of Old Avarice by danielwachter

Skylines by t1na

Toxicity ring by Fug4s

Swamp Lilies by Kiarya

Breathe Again by t1na

Trinity, Starpoint Gemini 2 by sittingducky

In the event of sinking by AquaSixio

Glow City by Tohad

Earth Colossus by Alpha-Step

Volcan & Méteore by Tomas van der Weijden

Faith – Earth by Tryingtofly

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Résultats sondage du 5.03.2017

2B (11 votes)

Breath of the Wild (8 votes)
Naboo (7 votes)
The Forgotten Empire, Lac Baïkal (6 votes chacun)
(4 votes)
The Ocean Chose, Horizon, Force Spirituelle, Black and White color splash, AT-AT (3 votes chacun)
Soyuz over Florida, SF, Guild Wars 2, Chromataclysm (2 votes chacun)
RIME, Odyssey, City at night (1 vote chacun)
Conceptsky web, Camp (0 vote)

Total : 68 votes

[Wallpapers] fournée du 5.03.2017

Odyssey by VegaColors

2B by wlop



Soyuz over Florida by Thomas Pesquet

Chromataclysm by cosmicspark

Lac Baïkal (Russie)


Camp by artofjosevega

City at night by piglizard47

Conceptsky web by Skybase

The Forgotten Empire by Tohad




Force Spirituelle

The Ocean Chose Me by ryky

Guild Wars 2

Black and White color splash

Breath of the Wild

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Résultats sondage Walls du 8.01.2017

Top 2

Breath of the Wild (9 votes)
MrSuicideSheep (7 votes)

Gargantua, God’s hourglass, Sunset (4 votes chacun)
On my way, Amsterdam (3 votes)
Dragon, Jupiter, Megalopolis, Storm in the glaciers (2 votes chacun)
A bit of happiness, Adagio for a romance, Eanakai : Starpoint Gemini 2, Goal life, Mankind Divided, Star glow, Stockholm 2100 A.D, The chromatic orb, The guardian (1 vote chacun)

Total : 51 votes

[Wallpapers] fournée du 08.01.2017

Breath of the Wild

Goal life by StudioTamago

Mankind Divided

Jupiter by Juno

Adagio for a romance by cosmicspark

Gargantua (Interstellar)

Star glow by elreviae


Megalopolis by TobiasRoetsch

Eanakai, Starpoint Gemini 2 by sittingducky


A bit of happiness by t1na

Dragon by IvanLaliashvili

God’s hourglass by ErikShoemaker

On my way by Grivetart

Storm in the glaciers by alexiuss

The guardian by ryky

Stockholm 2100 A.D by AndreeWallin


The chromatic orb by SirTiefling

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Résultats sondage Walls du 27.11.2016 – Spéciale Orioto

Nibelheim Hell (6 votes)
If I Was A Seagull, Gusty Garden,Chinese Street (5 votes chacun)
Well-Earned Diner,Masked Thief, Fear Of The Heavens (4 votes chacun)
Sanity Beach, Life Stream, Journey’s End, First Steps (3 votes chacun)
Upside Down Nightmare (2 votes)
Unkown Threat, Meeting Gozer, Magus Castle, Installation 04, Ice Queen, Falling Gods, Bright New Day (1 vote chacun)
Entering Salika Woods (0 vote)

Total : 54 votes

Wallpapers du 27.11.2016 – Spéciale Orioto (Mikaël Aguirre)

Aujourd’hui une fournée un peu spéciale. J’ai envie d’en placer une pour un de mes artistes favoris sur DeviantArt. Il s’agit du français Mikaël Agguire plus connu sous le pseudonyme de Orioto, qui depuis une 10aine d’années, crée des Walls issus principalement d’univers du Jeu Vidéo avec un style reconnaissable au 1er coup d’œil.

En guise d’hommage, je posterai 20 de ses créations parmi ceux que je n’ai encore jamais postés. En espérant que vous apprécierez 👍

Bright New Day

Chinese Street

Entering Salika Woods

Falling Gods

Fear Of The Heavens

First Steps

Gusty Garden

Ice Queen

If I Was A Seagull

Installation 04

Journey’s End

Life Stream

Magus Castle

Masked Thief

Meeting Gozer

Nibelheim Hell

Sanity Beach

Unkown Threat

Upside Down Nightmare

Well-Earned Diner

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Résultats sondage du 11.09.2016

Tifa_Tribute (15 votes)
Breath of the Wild companion (9 votes)

Sonic CD Stardust Speedway, Maciej Kuciara, Bionis Leg (7 votes chacun)
No fly zone, Big Hero 6 (6 votes chacun)
Quick stop, Feel the burn, Aerials, 30 Seconds To Star (4 votes chacun)
The sky emotion, Shai hulud and the god emperor, Lower Manhattan, Fireborn, Epiphany II, AM2R (3 votes chacun)
Venom, The Witcher Wild Hunt Blood And Wine, Pokemon Go (1 vote chacun)
Reaching final frontier (0 vote)

Total : 94 votes