[Wallpapers] Fournée du 12.09.2020

Hyrule Warriors : Age of Calamity (en 8K par ici)

Mecha Kingdoms Leona

Satorl March By Night by Orioto

The Last of us Part II by PatrickBrown

Manor Lords – Keyart by WojtekFus

A Voyager’s End by tigaer

Blade Runner The Gates by Ifreex

Eibsee (Allemagne)

Mononoke Forest

Gokyo Ri (Népal)

Holidays by JoeyJazz

EVA by Huang Fan

Fitz Roy (Patagonie)

Sanctum of control by Julian-Faylona

The Future by AnthonyPresley

Treasure planet III by ERA7

Valley by DominiquevVelsen

A world beyond by MaxDocker

The Shadow and the Flame (LOTR) by AnatoFinnstark

Jean (Genshin Impact) by raikoart

[Wallpapers] Fournée du 26.07.2020 (mobile)

Valhalla Fallen by CKGoksoy

Xenoblade Chronicles by Castcuraga

Termina by Francoyovich

Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat by Genzoman

Koopa Beach – Mario Kart 64 fanart by yoshiyaki

Breath of the wild (Part 2) by AnatoFinnstark

Ave Maria (Bloodborne) by AnatoFinnstark

Ancalagon vs Earendil 2 (Tolkien) by AnatoFinnstark

Cast Lightning by TavenerScholar

Samurai Champloo by r-trigger

Ukiyo-e Moving castle by Syntetyc

California 2085 by Tohad

Crossing paths by t1na

Lost World II by TobiasRoetsch

Omicron 2019 by TobiasRoetsch

Ripple effect by Chromattix

Sleepless nights by t1na

TFT – floatingislands by ANTIFAN-REAL

The Central Core Oversoul by Julian-Faylona

What Only Exists In The Mind (Midnight Version) by Ascending-Storm

[Wallpapers] Spéciale Syntetyc (Roberto Nieto)

Petite fournée aujourd’hui avec une spéciale consacrée aux œuvres de Roberto Nieto plus connu en tant que Synetyc. Un artiste Barcelonais vivant presque de sa passion à créer des paysages naturels et fantaisistes depuis plusieurs années maintenant. Des œuvres à l’inspiration clairement assumée des productions du Studio Ghibli avec une touche très colorée et irrésistiblement poétique.

Si vous suivez cette rubrique depuis assez longtemps, peut être que vous reconnaitrez le style étant donné que j’en ai posté pas mal de lui dans mes galeries de Wallpapers.

Howl’s Moving Castle

Lake Village

Laput Castle in the Sky

Mononoke Hime

Porco Rosso



The Rock of Souls

Waterfall Kingdom

Waterfall Temple

The Valley of the Wind

Totoro’s Forest

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[Wallpapers] Fournée du 20.03.2020

Doom Eternal

Midgar (en 8K par ici)

Will of the Wisps by omegapainter

Bloodborne themed dungeons and dragons by Eddy-Shinjuku

Mirror’s Edge by dominiquevvelsen

Motel Detroit Become Human by WojtekFus

Playdead Concept Art

Teldrassil by Orioto


8Ball City by ChrisMoschler

Abstract Clouds

Eternal Coasts by JoeyJazz

Europa by TobiasRoetsch

Lachin by Roberto Oleotto

Project universe oceanic world by archange1michael

Sci-Fi Silhouette

Speedpaint 41 by sylar113

Sunset Tree

Tianmen mountain

Tokyo Genso

[Wallpapers] Fournée du 5.01.2020

Goose Hideout by Orioto


Rathalos by Arvalis

SP – Summer End by JoeyJazz

Tokyo Genso

Asterizer by elreviae

Ethereal Universe by Ellysiumn

Forgotten grave by ThemeFinland

His Majesty by arvalis

Lost in reverie by TobiasRoetsch

Oyahou by Orioto

Speed painting  – Valley by ANTIFAN-REAL

Tartaros by TobiasRoetsch

Where Day and Night Meet by JoeyJazz

Quasar Q0714509SS1 by ERA7


Treasure Planet II by ERA7

Mountain trip by Fel-X


Past present future