Wallpapers du 10.01.2016

Hyrule Warriors – The princess and her shadow by nijuuni

Halo 5 Artwork

The Last Story

Reachinghands by Orioto

Tour Eiffel

Joy by pipper-SVK

Anime Landscape

White Castle, Yuri Shwedoff

The Black Arrow by moonxels


Blue planet by yuumei

Book of imagination by t1na

Cascade by fel-x

Dimlight forest by ferdinandladera

Monody artwork by jordangrimmer

Romania, Land of Fairy Tales – Photo by Eduard Gutescu

The arch of protection by DarinK

A Night at Deadvlei – Photo by Beth McCarley

Focus on yourself by AquaSixio

Light by t1na

Sondage (14 choix possibles) :


Résultats Sondage #180

Top 3

Saber lily > 14.8 % (13 votes)
Star Wars Battlefront > 13.6 % (12 votes)
Space > 11.4 % (10 votes)

Iron twins > 6.8 % (6 votes)
Lampworld, Shiny Lake, The Legend of Zelda 2015, > 5.7 % (5 votes chacun)
Neoterya proto city, Sweetwind > 4.5 % (4 votes chacun)
Cubic Dream, Goldfish girl, Post-Apocalyptic, Roof Topper, Tokyo Skytree Genso > 3.4 % (3 votes chacun)
Darth maleficent, Eclipse, Red > 2.3 % (2 votes chacun)
Cancer from the dancing zodiac, Civil War, Realm of shades > 1.1 % (1 vote chacun)

Total : 88 votes

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