Wallpapers du 24.07.2016

Recovered Freedom by Orioto

The Witcher -School of the wolf by ZachSmithson

Gotcha by TsaoShin



Resistance by KuldarLeement

Stars by t1na


Dragon’s lair nebula by Casperium

Expectancy by Lacza


Kreola by akimfimin

National Geographic #1

National Geographic #2

Old tree by Fel-X

The asteroid man by KuldarLeement

Starry Night Sky

Jupiter and Juno by TolyanMy

Justice League

Mont Fuji

Sondage (14 choix possibles)


Résultats sondage du 19.06.2016 – Spéciale E3 2016

Top 3

The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild : (34 votes)
God Of War : (22 votes)
Horizon Zero Dawn : (12 votes)

Tekken 7 : Fated Retribution : (9 votes)
Spiderman, Deus Ex Mankind Divided : Dubai (7 votes chacun)
Forza Horizon 3 : (6 votes)
Ghost Recon : Wildlands, Dishonored 2, Battlefield 1 : (5 votes chacun)
Sea Of Thieves, Injustice : Gog Among Us, For Honor : (4 votes chacun)
FE, Titanfall 2, Steep, Star Wars Battlefront VR, Scalebound, Halo Wars 2 : (3 votes chacun)
Destiny : Rise Of Iron : (2 votes)
Watch Dogs 2, The Division : Underground, Prey 2, Inside (0 votes chacun)

Total : 148 votes

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