Wallpapers du 11.09.2016

Breath of the Wild companion by Eternalegend

Bionis Leg by Orioto

The Witcher Wild Hunt Blood And Wine by Patrickbrown


Pokemon Go by wlop

Sonic CD Stardust Speedway by yoshiyaki

Tifa_Tribute by Wen-JR

30 Seconds To Star by Tr1umph

Big Hero 6

Aerials by cosmicspark

Epiphany II by Wen-JR

Feel the burn by cosmicspark

Quick stop by Grivetart

Fireborn by cosmicspark

Reaching final frontier by valentiniaK

Shai hulud and the god emperor by ErikShoemaker

The sky emotion by ryky

Maciej Kuciara

Venom by DanLuVisiArt

No fly zone by JoshSummana

Et exceptionnellement en bonus, en ce jour particulier… 😦

Lower Manhattan by WECIV

Sondage (14 choix possibles)


Résultats sondage du 24.07.2016

Top 3

Mont Fuji (22 votes)
Recovered Freedom (13 votes)
Justice League (10 votes)

Kreola (7 votes)
Cthulhu (6 votes)
Stellaris (5 votes)
The Witcher – School of the wolf, National Geographic #14, Kraken, Dragon’s lair nebula (4 votes chacun)
Resistance, National Geographic #2, Gotcha, Expectancy (3 votes chacun)
Starry Night Sky, Old tree, Ender (2 votes chacun)
The asteroid man, Stars, Jupiter and Juno (1 vote chacun)

Total : 100 votes

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